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Solution for Fall Prevention

Wearable technology developed by nurses for nurses to prevent patient falls

Proven Results

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  • Palarum Blue


Reduction in Patient Falls

* Clinical Trial results as compared to CMS 3.75 falls per 1000 pt. days
  • Palarum Blue


Reduction in False Alarms

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Palarum SmartSocks™

Preventing patient falls and enhancing rehabilitation therapy

Using eTextile and IoT technologies, PUP® SmartSocks™ issue real-time alarms to immediately notify nearby nurses that a fall-risk patient is out of bed, standing, and/or attempting to walk unassisted.

Palarum Smart Sock

The Smarter Solution for

Safety, Mobility & Performance

Using tomorrow's technology to keep today's patients safe

Wearable technology for acute and post-acute care

acute care Mobility


acute care eRounding


acute care data analytics

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