A Better Approach to Electronic Rounding

Easy-to-Use Tools for Patient E-Rounding

Palarum’s focus on patient safety led to a total rethink of the current approach to electronic rounding. Palarum’s simplified, integrated platform of digital rounding tools features an easy-to- use enterprise- or hospital-level dashboard to track progress and results.

The impact of nurse, leadership and interdisciplinary rounding is clear across healthcare. Consistent, comprehensive rounding has been proven to increase HCAHPS scores, reduce length of stay, and reduce patient falls. Despite the benefits, the implementation of e-rounding has proven to be challenging and inconsistent.

Palarum’s approach to e-rounding incorporates the following elements.

Nurse filling out field on tablet completing electronic rounding
Electronic Rounding Dashboard Screenshot Palarum


Regardless if your focus is the enterprise or your unit, watch success in real-time!

Screenshot for patient feedback on pain level for hourly rounding with Palarum

Hourly Rounding

A truly nurse-centric approach perfectly balancing compliance and efficiency.

Screenshot from Palarum electronic rounding software showing the text "do you feel your questions are being answered?"

Leadership Rounding

Patient rounding should be done with the patient, not about the patient.

Screenshot reviewing safety concerns from the Palarum electronic rounding software

RN-to-MD Rounding

Reduce length of stay by ensuring proper communication through documentation

Screenshot showing question about reviewing plan-of-care with inbound nurse from the Palarum Electronic Rounding software

Nurse Handoff

Care plan, safety plan, concerns, successes. Capture it all

Screenshot showing question "Do you need assistance to use the bathroom?" from the Palarum electronic rounding software

Interdisciplinary Rounding

Patient care plans require a team approach. Compliance matters.

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