Palarum was founded in 2016 by Patrick Baker, a former chief nursing officer at a large acute care hospital and inventor of the PUP® SmartSocks™ for patients. Based on extensive experience in the nursing environment — specifically the high incidence and staggering cost of patient falls — the Palarum team developed the advanced PUP® SmartSocks™.

The SmartSocks™ incorporates patented technologies woven into conductive fabric. In clinical trials and hospital implementation, the wearable technology has proven to deliver real-time monitoring to prevent patient falls and enhance physical therapy and rehabilitation.

PUP® is the most technologically advanced, nurse-centric, patient mobility system in healthcare. It improves patient safety by greatly reducing injuries from falls and significantly reduces costs related to falls. It also decreases alarm fatigue through a smart notification system and generates critical new data to enhance facility operations. PUP® is designed for acute care hospitals, as well as facilities for rehabilitation, long-term care, and physical therapy.

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