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Reduction in Patient Falls

* Clinical Trial results as compared to CMS 3.75 falls per 1000 pt. days
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Reduction in False Alarms

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From Falls and Length of Stay

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Reliable “Patient is Up” (PUP®) Notification System

Enhancing patient safety and reducing hospital costs

PUP® enables the simultaneous monitoring of all patient rooms, eliminating the need to hold or predesignate “fall risk” rooms. When a patient fitted with PUP® socks stands up or attempts to walk unassisted, the PUP® system issues an immediate alarm to the nearest nurses and the nursing station - allowing the nurse to respond quickly to prevent patient falls.

PUP® Socks: Advanced Wearable Technology

At the core of the Palarum PUP®(Patient is UP) patient mobility monitoring system are innovative smart socks designed with patented eTextile and IoT technology. The PUP® smart socks have no plastic or metal parts other than a small battery case. Tiny proprietary conductive threads sewn into the sock fabric detect when a patient’s feet touch the floor.

Nurse at workstation with example of palarum badge alert

Put an End to Nurse Alarm Fatigue

Current patient mobility systems – such as bed, floor, and chair alarms – are prone to generating false notifications and excessive “alarm fatigue” for nurses. By comparison, the PUP® intelligent notification system delivers highly accurate, predictive alerts to paired in-room digital tablets or smart badges -- so nurses can quickly respond and prevent more patient falls.

The Rising Cost of Patient Falls

How much are you spending on patient falls?

Each patient fall costs a hospital an average of $14,056, where each fall represents:

  • Potential serious injury or even death (30 to 35% of patient falls)
  • Added length of stay (6.3 days)
  • Reimbursement penalties
  • Legal liability
  • Harm to the facility’s patient safety record and brand
Average Cost Per Fall Chart

PUP® Fall Prevention Solution

Discover the advantage of an integrated fall monitoring system

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PUP® Smart Socks

Fall risk patients are fitted for non-skid PUP® socks.

Patient Added to System

Nursing enters patient data on tablet

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Stand Detected

Patient gets out of bed unassisted.

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Immediate real-time alarm

The PUP® system issues an immediate real-time alarm to the three nearest nurses and the nursing station.

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Nurse Assists Patient

After being alerted by the PUP®system nurses respond quickly to prevent patient falls. When the Palarum PUP® system detects a “Stand Event” an Alert Notification is displayed on the In-Room Tablet, at the Nurse’s Station Tablet, and on the Smart Badges of the three nurses nearest the room where the “Stand Event” occurred.

Improved, Actionable Data

Data from the cloud automatically creates daily PUP® report. Hospital and nursing management receive comprehensive daily reports about stand events, nurse intervention, and outcomes.

Nurse-Centric Innovation

In 2017, Palarum launched the PUP® (Patient is UP) Fall Prevention solution, the first nurse-centric solution to reliably prevent falls and reduce hospital costs. The early clinical results clearly show that Palarum technology delivers as promised.

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Decrease in Falls
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Faster Response Time
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Reduced Alarm Fatigue
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Improved Patient Satisfaction

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Key Features

PUP® is the most advanced, accurate, and cost effective solution for preventing patient falls.

Key features of palarum vs other fall prevention systems table

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