Staff Safety

Assure Staff Safety with the Palarum SmartBadge

At Palarum, we believe that life’s largest challenges require the simplest solutions. That’s why we’ve reimagined the nursing staff panic button as a discreet wearable badge that protects and empowers your entire workforce, one staff member at a time.

Palarum’s SmartBadge is a powerful duress-alerting solution. It’s as light and portable as it is scalable. It’s purposefully developed to be the fastest, most reliable solution to protect all staff, no matter who they are or where they are.

Our proactive solution prevents and de-escalates workplace violence across all facilities, regardless of scale or staff volume.

See article about nursing workplace assaults.


Faster Response Times Build a Culture of Safety

When an incident arises, SECONDS matter

Step 1: Trigger Alert

Staff Member triggers alert by pressing button once.  Innovative, silent alarm alerts the closest staff to preempt staff safety incidents.

Step 2: Staff Safety Alert Received

Staff Safety alert sent to 3 closest clinicians. It notifies your staff and responders in real-time of an incident taking place.

Step 3: Staff Member(s) Respond to Alert

Three closest staff members respond to alert using room # on badge. Empowers staff to triage and de-escalate an incident immediately or elevate response to 911.

Step 4: Clearing of Alert

Any of 3 alerted staff or staff members triggering an alert can turn alert off by pressing the button twice. Creates a workplace culture of safety; staff can assist one another to assure everyone’s safety.

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